Planets in the Science of Light

If you think about it, we have existed in some form for billions of years within the repeating cycles of our solar system. It’s more absurd to think that we are unaffected by it than to say that, of course, we are both aware of it and influenced by it on some level.

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A Map for the “Game” of Life

A chart is like a game board where readings can be done intuitively by combining archetypes like a game of Clue. The Planet is who did “it,” the sign shows the conditions they did it under, the 12 houses show which room they did it in, and the nakshatra is the tool they used.

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Planets, Signs and Houses: Concept Clouds

Visual learner? Each person’s chart includes every planet, sign and house in some way. You are on a unique journey exploring these groups of desires and characteristics. Try to find the ones you’re working with in word clouds of concepts for each.

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Healing Remedies

A primary difference between Vedic Astrology and other forms of “divination” is that it includes its own sub-science of solutions. This sub-science is more commonly known as Ayurveda, and includes dietary and lifestyle solutions for health problems as well as Vastu (like Feng Shui but older,) aromatherapies, color therapies, gem therapies, mantras, yantras and yoga.

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What to Expect From Your Chart

“The most common feedback I get from clients is that they are shocked at the quantity of information, and the directness, of their reading.  Newspaper horoscopes for Western astrology have led us to expect a tidy little list of broad characteristics which apply to about 8% of the population born in the same month as us.

Vedic astrology is not like that.”

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