Planets in the Science of Light

If you think about it, we have existed in some form for billions of years within the repeating cycles of our solar system. It’s more absurd to think that we are unaffected by it than to say that, of course, we are both aware of it and influenced by it on some level.

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A Map for the “Game” of Life

A chart is like a game board where readings can be done intuitively by combining archetypes like a game of Clue. The Planet is who did “it,” the sign shows the conditions they did it under, the 12 houses show which room they did it in, and the nakshatra is the tool they used.

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Altered Perceptions: Malefic Influences on the Moon

Written and Illustrated by Logynn Hailley. This article originally appeared in the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal

What If Your Life Is Actually Much Better Than You Think It Is?

It might be my life’s purpose to point out ways that my friends and clients actually have more freedom of choice, more resources, and more love in their lives than they think they do. This mental trend of tallying negatives with more weight than positives puzzled me for years before I learned Vedic astrology. When I first ran my friends’ birth charts, I noticed a theme of certain influences. There were trends of intelligence, complexity, empathic service to others, and one other thing I wasn’t expecting: a troubled mind.
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