Chakras in the Science of Light

Just as the Houses correspond to body parts, from the head at the first house to the feet in the twelfth house, the chakras each correspond to a planet.

The planets and their chakras
The universally constant influences of each planet by chakra are what we have in common.

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Each of the body’s energetic chakras (Sanskrit for “disc” or “wheel”) have a natural planetary ruler.  These characteristics are the same for all people.

1st Chakra – Saturn

2nd Chakra – Jupiter

3rd Chakra – Mars

4th Chakra – Venus

5th Chakra – Mercury

6th Chakra – Sun (on the right) and Moon (on the Left)

7th Chakra – works on a plane above the physical organism of our Solar System.

In your birth chart the planets rule different specific areas of the body starting from the 1st House at the top of the head, down to the 12th House at your feet.  There is further variation depending upon where your signs are situated.  Aries rules the face, for example, whereas Capricorn rules the knees.

This is how Vedic astrologers use the birth chart to diagnose and treat physical illness.



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