Concept Clouds: Houses

Polarities in the bhavas

Single word descriptions of the fields of activity each house represents:

Tanu Bhava
First House: Physical Attributes, Capability, Personality, Temperament, Birth, Vitality, Musculature, the Body

Dhana Bhava
Second House: Voice, Food, History, Memory, Collections, Banking, Treasuries, Storage, Value, Money, Languages, Hoards, Acquisitions, Livelihood


Sahaja Bhava
Third House: Brotherhood, Team Work, Publications, Peer Groups, Motives, Communications, Business, Conversation, Administration, Instruction


Bandhu Bhava
Fourth House: Homeland, Childhood Home, Motherhood, Customs, Protection, Home, Property, School, Vehicles, Buildings, Foundations, Origins, Happiness


Putra Bhava
Fifth House: Expression, Intelligence, Fame, Romance, Drama, Luck, Children, Love, Gambling, Art, Courtship, Authorship, Faith, Splendor


Ari Bhava
Sixth House: Service, Police, Military, Animals, Conflicts, Debts, Relatives, Medicine, Arguments, Addictions, Crime, Pollution, Illness, Victimization


Yuvati Bhava
Seventh House: Partnership, Contracts, Marriage, Polarities, Fairness, Judgments, Promises, Treaties, Trades, Cohabitation,


Randhra Bhava
Eighth House: Cycles, Changes, Transformation, Discoveries, Secrets, Sex, Politics, Death, Inheritances, Emergencies, Shocks, Eruptions, Invasions


Dharma Bhava
Ninth House: Religion, Temples, Fatherhood, Philosophies, Dharma, Universities, Patriarchies, Morality, Priesthoods, Belief Systems


Karma Bhava
Tenth House: Career, Government, Leadership, the Public, Social Responsibilities, Reputation, Work, Status, Karma


Labha Bhava
Eleventh House of Income, Rewards, Systems, Networks, Societies, Markets, Economies, Friendships, Communities, Distribution, Commons.


Vyaya Bhava
Twelfth House of Sanctuaries, Dream Worlds, Bedrooms, Imagination, Meditative Spaces, Spirit Worlds, Ancestors, (en)closures, Foreign Lands

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