Concept Clouds: Signs

Jyotich Rashis

Single word descriptions of the conditions each sign represents:

Aries (Mesha)
– Aries = Challenging, Heroic, Innovative, Active, Ambitious, Novel, Primal, Original, Dominant, Competitive, Conquering, Vital, Predatory, Unique, First

Taurus (Vrishabha)
– Taurus = Pleasurable, Sensual, Collectible, Fantasizing, Luxurious, Accumulating, Entitled, Resourceful, Wealthy, Settled, Cloistered, Natural,


Gemini (Mithuna)
– Gemini = Coupled, Intellectual, Articulated, Advertised, Published, Informed, Grouped, Counseled, Communicated, Commercial, Linked, Instructive, Idiomatic


Cancer (Karkata)
– Cancer = Motherly, Parental, Domestic, Customary, Sheltered, Patriotic, Emotional, Safe, Familiar, Tribal, Habitual, Sustaining


Leo (Simha)
– Leo = Brave, Kingly, Intense, Brilliant, Famous, Confident, Whole-Hearted, Royal, Political, Charismatic, Inspired, Unpredictable


Virgo (Kanya)
– Virgo = Virginal, Guilty, Conflicted, Blaming, Toxic, Unbalanced, Exploited, Rational, Victimized, Complaining, Powerless, Unfair, Celibate, Serving, Animal


Libra (Thula)
– Libra = Fair, Balancing, Aesthetic, Just, Equal, Symmetrical, Accommodating, Mutual, Arranging, Comparing, Weighing, Polarizing, Compromising


Scorpio (Vrischika)
– Scorpio = Healing, Facilitating, Possessive, Secretive, Private, Unknown, Forbidden, Vindictive, Tantric, Addictive, Self-Destructive, Manipulative, Sexual, Invisible, Therapeutic


Sagittarius (Dhanushya)
– Sagittarius = Philosophical, God-Fearing, Agreeable, Indecisive, Principled, Strong-willed, Educational, Preachy, Godly, Bold, Ritualistic


Capricorn (Makara)
– Capricorn = Respected, Hierarchical, Lawful, Ranked, Reliable, Conformist, Material, Systematic, Regulated, Orderly, Patient, Decisive,


Aquarius (Kumbha)
– Aquarius = Complex, Cosmic, Scientific, Collective, Networked, Unifying, Conceptual, Electrical, Amassed, Assembled, Reforming, Self-Sacrificing


Pisces (Meena)
– Pisces = Philosophical, Charitable, Contemplative, Gentle, Imaginative, Inclusive, Intuitive, Dreamy, Unsteady, Humane, Liberal, Jovial


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