Planets, Signs and Houses: Concept Clouds

Visual learner? Each person’s chart includes every planet, sign and house in some way. You are on a unique journey exploring these groups of desires and characteristics. Try to find the ones you’re working with in word clouds of concepts for each.

Even though these archetypes were defined thousands of years ago they still include all possible human roles and activities in a “navagraha,” or pantheon, of Vedic planet descriptions. Jupiter, for example, includes the roles of teacher, guide, and benefactor.

A planet, viewed as part of a group of iconic personalities, lends itself easily to predictions of its behavior in a person’s chart. A decent reading can be based on personal experiences with the “type” of person or job represented by that planet.

The ancient Vedic seers visualized the planets’ relationships arranged into a “royal court.” The sun and moon are the king and queen. Their legitimate prince is Mercury, the clever and talented youth. Mars is the general of their military, and the masses of soldiers in their army are represented by the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu. The priest and priestess are Jupiter and Venus. Saturn is the illegitimate son relegated to servant status. It’s a bit like a soap opera.  Anyone’s guess about their qualities, shaped by these lifestyles, is bound to be correct in many ways.

Readings can be made by combining archetypes like a game of Clue. The Planet is who did “it,” the sign shows the conditions they did it under, the 12 houses show which room they did it in, and the nakshatra is the tool they used. To learn a little about the personalities of each of the planets, signs and houses view the concept clouds in the following links:

Planet Clouds

Houses Concept Clouds

Signs Concept Clouds

Nakshatras Concept Clouds


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