What to Expect From Your Chart

“The most common feedback I get from clients is that they are shocked at the quantity of information, and the directness, of their reading.  Newspaper horoscopes for Western astrology have led us to expect a tidy little list of broad characteristics which apply to about 8% of the population born in the same month as us.

Vedic astrology is not like that.”

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Logynn, on having your chart read:

It is for people who are ready for specific positive change.

Commercialized Western astrology “horoscopes” profess to enable self-exploration while only skimming the surface of fundamental human issues.   Vedic readings do not mesh well with this “one size fits all” narcissistic and superficial take on human perception and connectedness.

Vedic astrology addresses us as complex and layered beings undergoing personal growth and karmic workthat continues long after our current incarnation expires.  It is fearless in the face of what we might call “evil,” because of its core understanding that all characteristics are facets of divine expression, and that all events occur so that we may serve the Divine’s infinite mission to experience all things.

There is no squeamish categorization of what is, and is not, part of the Divine.  All that is was meant to be.

There is only the identification of influences, and the protocols to gain freedom and control over them.

The information suggested by the chart placements is quantitatively massive and extremely specific. . . like an entire library of books.  This is why I ask you to provide a list of questions, which serve as a kind of card catalog of what you have on a conscious level already, so that I know where to start looking.

The chart will always present an array of challenges to your basic perceptions of yourself.  Your chart cleaves straight to the root desires, inclinations and beliefs that dictate your thoughts and behavior on levels that you may not be aware of.  The purpose of the reading system is specifically to bring these influences to a conscious level so that you can gain access and, eventually, control over them.

 ‘The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.’
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

These Vedic readings rarely provide the concise Western style sign descriptions that you are likely to want to talk to your friends about, or put into an online dating profile.  They are your divine characteristics, and your access to this information comes naturally through your own merit, and your authentic desire to direct your own evolution with full awareness. This is how we become shepherds, our own guides, instead of continuing life as sheep under hidden guidance.

    “In ancient times an astrologer might spend an entire lifetime analyzing the charts of just a few wealthy people. There is that much information in an individual’s chart, and there is no way to get the whole picture in any one reading.

    Only you and your guidance know for sure how your free will affects its unfoldment.

    The descriptions in the reading are meant to give you an idea how the influences upon you are related to each other, and how it feels when a planet’s energies are struggling, as each will do at some point in anyone’s life.

    Now you will have some of the tools you need to stabilize and strengthen the influences that you choose, to increase choice and freedom in life. “ — Logynn

First, I’d suggest sending me three questions to focus on.  There is a tremendous amount of information to look at, so it helps to know what is relevant to you right now.  One way to look at it is to figure out which areas of life you are curious about right now.  Examples might be relationships, children, health, income, siblings, mother, father, home, vehicles, creative projects, pets, significant other, accidents and changes, spirituality, life’s purpose, career, public image, friends, private life, sexuality. . . just going around the wheel of houses there.  You could pick 3 of those if you like.  Or, ask an even more specific question.

We’ll start there and see what we come up with if that sounds good to you.

Question from a client:

One question/comment/feedback that just came up for me is since I am new to Vedic astrology, is …how do I know you didn’t pull readings off the internet? I have heard you can get your astrology read for like $10 online…?


Thanks for sending this feedback.  You’ve brought up some interesting concerns that I’ve never considered about the possibility of just copying and pasting readings from a source.  I have to admit that if such a source existed it would be tempting to run the chart, get the placements, and plug in the interpretations.  Now you’ve got me wondering if some Western astrologers do that.

There is no such source for Vedic astrology and I can imagine why that is, and it’s very interesting to think about.  One thing is that the original sources for 90% of the information are books translated from Sanskrit that are over 500 years old, some thousands of years old.  They were written for kings and countries, and have little application to individuals who aren’t representing an entire country.  In India they still use these readings (which are very dramatic) on tourists.  I heard a story from a woman who had a reading in India and she said that it was utterly terrifying and it took her 10 years to get over it. It was only a reading by another astrologer, using contemporary methods of interpretation for the Vedic chart, that finally undid some of the damage she felt had been done to her expectation of the future. Hearing her story was one reason that I never intended to do readings and wouldn’t consider doing them the first two years I was studying.

As a Vedic astrologer we are extrapolating the real meanings based on the description of the influences of the signs and planets in those books, but beyond learning the nature and symbolisms of the planets and signs, we can’t really use the original interpretation.  The Sanskrit word has many, many meanings.  I see Sanskrit interpretations sometimes that just say “The native will be horrible.”  Actually that could have a huge range of meanings in a translation from Sanskrit and I have to look at it in context and see if they mean the native will be unattractive, the native has a bad temper, the native has dark skin, the native is very thin, the native has body odor, the native can defeat their enemies, the native is a spiritual warrior, the native is a workaholic, or any of probably a hundred possible meanings that can be extrapolated based on what planet, house and sign the statement is referring to.

Another thing is that with Vedic astrology, it’s so new in the Western world, that there are just not that many references to choose from, and the references that do exist are people who know Sanskrit and are in a huge hurry to simply translate and pass along a huge glut of information, without much time to refine it for use by the lay person.  There is enough information, just in the translations, to fill a set of encyclopedias.  It can be maddening to try to get the whole picture of a chart.  I necessarily have to ignore huge swaths of chart data that I know only contain minor details.  I could look at this if the person was asking where they left their keys, but for the purpose of a major influence, it just really complicates things.

The following is a link to an example of a resource: Mars in Cancer

It’s a major placement I picked at random from a list of links, not something in your chart.  But this is the text I’d have to interpret for a person who had this in their chart. And it would be my karmic obligation to explain it to them in a way that empowered them to have positive growth with it.

One more thing about Vedic astrology is that it explicitly states that effects of the reading on the person you read for goes directly into the astrologer’s own karma.  A good Vedic astrologer is performing a great service of personal risk and sacrifice to help others along their path.  (In India only the “very lucky and wealthy” expect to have any access to it.) A bad astrologer, or even a bad reading by a well-intended astrologer, is pouring bad karma into their own current and future incarnations and will suffer the consequences.  At first it is hard to know which kind of astrologer you are, which is why I’m soliciting feedback from people I read for.

For me personally, I was kind of pushed into learning Vedic astrology (by a series of circumstances I believe my guidance set up for me) and I never intended to do readings for others.  I was simply studying it out of personal curiosity for my own use, and because a wise teacher had invited me to.  But people who knew about it began to ask me for readings repeatedly and after a while I took this as a sign that I should do them.  I believe that anything that anyone asks for directly is a sign from the Creator.  I regard things I want as coming from my own ego, and things other people want from me as the voice of God.  I was still resistant to the idea of doing readings for strangers, but someone suggested I read “A Course in Miracles”, and in there it specifically states that one must not fear their own lack of readiness, and must trust the Creator to guide them through their own prayers and intentions.  So, I meditate and pray for 90 minutes every single day, and try to trust that I will have divine guidance in what I should say to others.  I know only my own fear can interfere with that guidance, and talking to my clients honestly about it is how I confront those fears.

    “I am here only to be truly helpful
    I am here to represent Him who sent me
    I don’t have to worry what to say or do
    because He who sent me will direct me
    I am content to be wherever He wishes,
    knowing He goes there with me
    I will be healed as I let Him teach me heal

— A Course in Miracles


There is great responsibility to be accurate and thorough when prescribing gemstones, particularly. Some parts of the measures can actually be damaging if they’re not chosen carefully.


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