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A primary difference between Vedic Astrology and other forms of “divination” is that it includes its own sub-science of solutions. This sub-science is more commonly known as Ayurveda, and includes dietary and lifestyle solutions for health problems as well as Vastu (like Feng Shui but older,) aromatherapies, color therapies, gem therapies, mantras, yantras and yoga.

The placements of the planets in your chart draws an elaborate picture of possibilities, strengths, skills and the right foundation of support to allow them to flower.

The first, and possibly most important, are the lifestyle measures. Here is a summary of how they work with each planet:

Prescriptions: Lifestyle

Another type of remedy, probably the most popular, is gem stone therapy. Gemstones are among the trickiest of all the remedies.  Each hue, shade, and opacity has a different effect, and for some stones the effect can be altered dramatically if a flaw is present.  One of the most important factors is the day (Muhurta) you first wear it.  Like a person, or a marriage, your relationship with your stone has a birth chart.  Only a Vedic Astrologer can help you choose appropriate dates to first wear a new stone.

Stones should be used with care, but they can zero in upon one difficult part of your life to provide enhancement or relief.

Prescriptions: Gems

Your stone has a very specific and unique effect, depending upon your birth chart.  Sometimes it is possible to use a stone to protect one of your beneficial planets during a negative transit or conjunction. Stones can also be used to zero in upon one difficult part of your life to provide enhancement or relief.  It all depends on the particular interplay of your planets and their placement in the houses of your chart.

Color energies are probably the easiest and, for some of us, the most fun part of your healing remedies to apply.  And they are so easy to share.  Painting the walls of a group meeting space yellow can open the group to growth, expansion, happiness and wisdom.  Light pink encourages socializing, whereas blue will promote calm, productivity, or sometimes even sadness.

Each color is a tool for expression, influence on the subconscious, and energy work. They can mute or enhance the expression of planets, and in many case increasing one planet decreases another.

Prescriptions: Color

It’s important to know what particular effects each color has in it’s role in your chart.  Each color is a tool for expression, influence on the subconscious, and energy work.  For a person with Leo ascendant, the color red might give them confidence and attractiveness when making presentations at work.  The same color on a person with a malefic Mars might find themselves in arguments or overly-criticizing others.  Each color means something different for each rising sign.

Diet guidelines fall into the familiar categories of the Ayurvedic doshas.  Your doshas are determined by your chart, which has houses that correspond to each part of your body.   The doshic energies interact on many levels with your body and mind.  Some substances are soothing, many are light and “crispy”, while others are intense and stimulating.  They can balance energies present in your body and mind, or they can aggravate energies you already have in excess.

Prescriptions: Diet

Herbs and spices are supercharged versions of foods.  They deliver specific energies and qualities that can be used to alleviate imbalances which cause illness and disease.  The planets each rule a chakra which has it’s own set of herbs and spices to heal and balance aggravated energies in these areas.

Mantras are some of the most powerful remedies because they are done with an intention that is perfectly crafted by you, for you. These vibrations can cleanse the mind and body.

A freight train is a great metaphor for mantra.  Most of the time our thoughts are parked every which way in the rail yard.  By choosing and practicing the right mantra you are getting your train on the track and setting it on the railway to achievement.  It may start slowly, but it is powerful, focused, and it has incredible capacity to turn your intentions into realities. This type of meditation is also easier for people who find it difficult to quiet the mind during silent meditations.

Prescriptions: Mantra

Yantras seek to illustrate the flow of energies upward and downward between the spiritual and physical planes.

Click here for a page especially for yantras with the planetary “Bija” (Seed) Mantras that go with each.

Prescriptions: Yantra

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