Planets in the Science of Light

If you think about it, we have existed in some form for billions of years within the repeating cycles of our solar system. It’s more absurd to think that we are unaffected by it than to say that, of course, we are both aware of it and influenced by it on some level.

There shall be signs
in the sun, the moon, and the stars.
Gospel of Luke 21:25

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In Vedic astrology the planets have the names and metaphors associated with Hindu deities, but the planets are actually utilized as “Significators” of groups of concepts. They each represent a category of roles and activities which are symbolized by deities.  An example is the Sanskrit word for planet, “graha”, which means grasp.  This means that the planet is a symbol for a grouping of concepts within its “grasp”.  Not that it is, in itself, a being in the Western understanding of the word.  Each represent a set of roles played in life.  For this reason, playing roles in life increases the influence of the planets associated with those roles.

There is so much advice out there about the “right” habits to follow for a healthy life.  Lucky for us, we were all born with a manual of sorts. The placements of the planets in your chart draws an elaborate picture of possibilities, strengths, skills and the right foundation of support to allow them to flower.  Decoding this map of propensities can help to clear the fog of “one size fits all” life path options and bring some answers to the question “What is the purpose of my life?”.

These habits can be used two ways.  One is as a great rescue remedy for planets in trouble in your chart. An aggravated planetary influence can be eased by doing some “services” that harmonize with its higher vibrations.  Also, a good planet’s influence can be augmented by activities that utilize its energy.  It’s also important to avoid certain activities that push an already overly powerful planet to its extreme.

Just as all of us are unique parts of the One, the planets are symbols to help us understand the various unique activities of those parts.

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven
to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs,
and for seasons, and for days, and years.”  -Genesis 1:14
Strengthening Lifestyle

Sun Increasing Lifestyle:  In addition to Vedic remedies,  one can increase the Sun’s energy with activities like public speaking, spending time alone, leadership activities, taking initiative, sun bathing, and rising early.
Moon Strengthening Lifestyle

Moon Increasing Lifestyle: In addition to Vedic remedies, one can increase the Moon’s energy with activities of faith, devotion, and caring.  Seek maternal or supportive environments or roles in family and friends.  Nurture others through service work.  Open your heart to the community and mingle with others.
Mars Strengthening Lifestyle

Mars Increasing Lifestyle: In addition to Vedic remedies, one can increase Mars energy with activities like spiritually based martial arts that increase discipline and strength without aggressiveness, such as T’ai Chi or Qigong. These are the most balanced means for strengthening Mars.  Games of strategy are also good.

Mercury Strengthening Lifestyle

Mercury Increasing Lifestyle:  In addition to Vedic remedies, one can increase Mercury’s energy with activities like reading, studying, writing and thinking.  Math and philosophy strengthen Mercury with Mars and Jupiter.  Taking courses, seminars and going to school strengthen Mercury, while also appeasing Saturn’s energies.  Study a new language and increase one’s powers of communication.

Jupiter Strengthening Lifestyle

Jupiter Increasing Lifestyle:  In addition to Vedic remedies, go to church, have faith, be optimistic, do good deeds, and tend or teach children.  Act in accordance with one’s higher principles, align with goodness, raise consciousness of self and others, and render aide to others.
Venus Strengthening Lifestyle

Venus Increasing Lifestyle:  In addition to Vedic remedies, practice dance, chanting, and visualizations.  Cultivate refinement and sensitivity, appreciation and affection.  Express your creativity.  Surround yourself in beauty and color.  For women, increase femininity; for men, increase regard for women.  Study spiritual literature, listen to kirtan, create mandalas and yantras, and beautify your space and altar to bring more Venus energy into your life.
Saturn Strengthening Lifestyle

Saturn Mitigating Lifestyle: In addition to Vedic remedies, prayer, atonement, pilgrimages, service, and giving to charity all appease Saturn’s constrictive influences.  Cultivate peace, calm and equanimity. Follow a strict routine; authority and tradition.  Reduce travel and stimulation.  Avoid stress and strain.  Spend time alone and in nature.  Slow down, be quiet, and go on retreats.


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