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Elemental Provisions are blended by hand, organic, gluten free, non-GMO herbal  and homeopathic blends. Our priorities are efficacy, quality, freshness, ethical sourcing, and eco-consciousness. Elemental Provisions are customized solutions to support health and balance in a way unique to the individual.

The formulations and healing measures are based on a framework of modern and traditional information sources combined to apply traditional and “new age” methodologies along side rational methods of problem solving and research, to arrive at custom solutions to balance the mind and body.

Each product is intended to match solutions for health issues with the modern values and belief systems of our  educated and health conscious clientele. Those seeking holistic products that contain both the hottest new discoveries in health and medicine, as well as ancient remedies will recognize Elemental Provisions as a brand they can identify with.

Elemental Provisions provides fresh blended, organic, gluten free, non-GMO herbal  and homeopathic blends for a variety of health concerns.  In understanding the importance of sourcing, quality control, freshness, ethical sourcing, eco-consciousness, and ethics we only source from the best sources, worldwide, and we make each batch fresh.  We  offer comprehensive, educated consultations for your situation regarding all aspects of diet, nutrition, environment, vaccine and medication history, current supplements and more.

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