Shani in Kanya (Saturn in Virgo)

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This Saturn placement, like all Saturn placements, is the result of negative karma from past lives. Saturn gives an opportunity in this life to reverse negative karmas and build merit through service. This is an excellent Saturn placement for health scientists, logical analysis, practitioners in public healing and medicine, defense lawyers, social workers, military personnel, officers and social workers.

In Virgo Saturn labors to release fears of exploitation by making logical arguments to solve tough problems. This often starts with a clearer than normal perception that there is a problem, that it’s a big problem, and that the problem is going to get worse. The challenge then for Saturn in Virgo is to move on from pointing out the magnitude of the problem to analyzing possible solutions. Saturn in Virgo is very well equipped to mentally “test run” scenarios and find outcomes that will actually work to lessen or solve the problem.

Once a solution is implemented it’s important not to forget to observe the improvement of the situation. It’s easy to focus on the parts of the problem that persist, but it’s much more useful to make note of what’s working and think of ways to increase that positive potential. Often the work of Saturn in Virgo is to help those who are accustomed to being cheated and mistreated, and this brings with it an environment of commiseration about the negative impact of the problem. But the potential to evolve and serve here comes with readiness to help others forgive (for the sake of their own health and freedom) and to help them see improvement and have real hope.

On a personal level self care is necessary. Problem solving is taxing, especially when one cares so deeply about demonstrating expertise to help others solve problems. The afflicted “other” is often resistant to hope and healing. They may be immersed in the stage of their incarnation which experiences problematizing, and not yet ready to experience solutions. This can frustrate Saturn in Virgo, and cause them to question the efficacy of their own advice and helping capacity. In some cases it can cause one to give up even attempting to help and turn one instead to “beating the drum” of proclaiming the urgency and hopelessness of problems.

Saturn in Virgo is afraid to make thinking errors, and this perfectionism can sometimes be crippling if it turns to self-criticism. The key here is to recall the root of self-criticizing behavior. Often Saturn in Virgo was raised in a childhood environment where perfectionism, blame and criticism were used to control them. This gives rise to a constant anxiety about the humiliation of making mistakes. Often this is shielded by a tendency to vocal or silent disapproval of others.

In young adulthood Saturn in Virgo feels an obligation to criticize others for a variety of well-intentioned reasons, in order to re-assert the values instilled in childhood, and to justify the manipulative behaviors of  childhood authority figures.

The fear of being attacked by others’ criticism (especially from the person which they seek to “help” or educate) can cause Saturn in Virgo to create a “psychic shield” to ward off complaints from others. At its worst this can manifest as preemptive accusations toward others. This issue only resolves if there is some perspective on the embedded need to blame, accuse and problematize. This survival tactic can be painful to recognize in oneself. A Saturn in Virgo who is ready to transform and begin to heal self/others might initially awaken to the realization of a history of unintentionally hurting others with criticism, or having an automatic accusative stance which has caused others to dislike them.  If this perspective occurs it can be upsetting at first. However, it leads Saturn in Virgo to correct and refine their problem solving abilities by identifying the childhood roots of the dysfunction and converting those issues into powerful problem solving tools.

The first step is to carefully control what goes into and comes out of the mouth. Make good choices about the cleanliness and quality of foods that go into the body in order to halt physical manifestations of self-criticism and worry.

Also police the cleanliness and quality of the words that come out of the mouth. Refrain from mentally or verbally making complaints which manifest conflict in relationships. Identify and correct the false beliefs that resign one to repeating dysfunction instead of accepting the possibility of change.

Second, use time management to eliminate useless worry. Identify worries and literally schedule pro-active elimination of the problems causing them. If both the problem and the solution is on the calendar of to-dos it doesn’t have to be running amok in the mind. Be alert to symptoms of unresolved worry like digestive upsets.

The next step is dropping generalizations about types or classes of people and the problems they have (or cause) and instead look at each individual. Authentic interaction with individual “cases” uncovers the rational roots and causes of each person’s problems. This leads to customized solutions that bring knowledge to the healer and real positive change to the one in need. At this point Saturn in Virgo can find themselves in the powerful position of being granted access to analyze and improve the formative guiding ideas, systems and programs which influence and create beliefs and social policy. This is where one can begin to gain traction at fundamental levels toward reversing problems.

Precepts which guide an evolved Saturn in Virgo:
1. Compassion for all beings: “The other is you.” Criticism of individuals boomerangs back to the criticizer. “Errors” are not possible on a spiritual path. Everyone is doing exactly as they must in their natural stage of development.

2. Blame and bigotry are the truly crippling thinking errors. Saturn in Virgo is an expert at eliminating the errors of logic that promote these “social pollutions.” Mature understanding of the nature of problems allows one to become a “search and destroy” agent eliminating environmental, mental and social pollution.

3. Work around those committed to maintaining conflict. It is useless to engage in a battle of “pain bodies” (ref: Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth.”) Simply find the path around the obstacle.

4. Respect the boundaries of others. Criticism is neither effective nor productive as a means of social control. Flawed systems, groups and thinking in individuals respond better to demonstrations of what does work than to attempts to coerce them into avoiding what doesn’t work.

5. Above all, things do not have to be perfect to be effective. Better is better. Perfect is unattainable and thus irrelevant.

(NOTE: Pitfalls of this placement are “corrected” by parivartamsha (rulership exchange) with Mercury in Capricorn or Aquarius. This exchange gives compassion through experience, realistic approach, and ability to objectively analyze data and results.)