The OverSoul (of Animal Species) and The Purpose of Creation

Soul of a Dog

(Excerpt from a Q&A with a client (with a debilitated Mercury in the 1st House) who expressed bitterness toward God.)For a list of services such as chart readings, identifying healing planets and measures, or finding information in your chart please visit Gold Star Astrology

I’d like to cover two concepts in a kind of story: One is the oversoul, and the other is the purpose of Creation. These are two concepts that appear in multiple places in all the ancient belief systems that I study. (Although sources differ on whether animal oversouls are discrete souls, or a portion of the human collective soul.) Most philosophies and belief systems don’t realize it, but they are combining two root systems: Kabbalah and Vedanta. Kabbalah is the root system for Christianity and Judaism. Vedanta is the root system for Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Kabbalah (as taught by the orthodox Israeli rabbi Rav Michael Laitman) and Vedanta are basically the same in root principles, and they are rooted in the Indus valley civilization, possibly more than 10,000 years old. These are also reinforced by some modern sources: Jesus, The Dalai Lama, Yogi Bhajan, the Christian Mystic Neville Goddard, the channeler Abraham Hicks, and A Course in Miracles all describe the same basic set of laws and principles of the nature of creation, the Creator and our perception of it. In my opinion you can deeply study any of these sources and arrive at the same basic understanding of the universe, as long as you are getting the information from the source and not a commercial interpretation of it. However, it is the most ancient and basic belief systems, such as animism and shamanism, which focus most on animals. Vedanta does look quite a bit at animals as carriers of omens, which is a branch of the Science of Light called Nimitta.

We’ll start with a couple definitions and concepts that will be part of our discussion.

1. The Oversoul. The over-soul is the idea that each animal species is governed by a single soul which operates the entire species in the same way as a single soul operates with each human. This is not to say that an animal has less soul than a human. Soul is not a thing that can be measured quantitatively or qualitatively. The difference is that animal species interact collectively with humans. Like, the “chicken” oversoul is operating all chickens in a collective relationship with the entire human race (of collective souls.) On a massive scale domestic animal species are consenting to participate in a complex process of growth and mutual experience with the human race. When any one of these animals dies it is basically “recycled” into another member of that species. Each member of the species is looking from the same perspective: the singular chicken perspective, the singular dog perspective, etc. . . for all members of the species. (This is actually scientifically proven. Scientists experimenting with rodents actually calculate in the collective memory gained by the whole species. They have measured consistently and factually that if a group of mice have learned a maze in one part of the world, mice in another part of the world that are completely unrelated and isolated will learn the same maze much faster.)

The differences that we perceive in animal individuals come from their interactions and reflections of our personal energies, experiences and expectations. For example, when you get a dog you are getting one “point of perspective” that the dog soul is using to interact with humans, but the genetic profile of that particular dog is an energetic match with you. It matches your current energy, your most subtle and unconscious expectation, and the arc of influences governing your life’s events at that time. The only way to get a “different” dog, or to get “the same” dog you had before is to achieve the matching expectations and energies to attract it.

Mostly this comes through three possible channels.

The most common channel is unconscious. People who are unaware that their energies influence reality simply “get what they get” as dictated by karma and expectation.

The second channel is through clever application of free will. This usually happens through choosing a particular set of genetic presets (this is actually a set of expectations that are agreed upon by the dog soul and the human soul) in the form of a “breed,” or by choosing a certain temperament that matches the person’s expectation. For example, people who expect to have a delightful and fun experience of interacting with the dog soul will choose a calm submissive dog with healthy genetics.

Or, alternatively, a person whose unconscious expectations have aligned them with dog related suffering in the past will often choose a sickly or nervous dog, entirely without realizing it, in order to fulfill their unconscious expectation to manifest suffering and trauma. (This can be seen in the condition of the 6th House and Virgo.)

The dog soul consents to participate in all forms of dog life. The dog soul, and all animal souls, are very pure manifestations of “facets” of the Creator’s soul. The Creator has no judgment. It wants to experience all things, and it does not discriminate as one is bad and another is good. So, neither does the dog soul. The dog soul has the same motive as the Creator: to experience all things, from all perspectives, so it dives into each new incarnation unconcerned with our human perception of the consequences. The dog soul “plays along” with the human experience that it has signed up for, regardless of what humans might label as “suffering” or “pleasure.” Both are equally successful to the dog soul’s mission to live all experiences for the Creator’s sake. The only true consequence is for the human participant. The Creator experiences most subtly and deeply through the human’s perspective of it, and since humans aren’t aware of the “purpose of creation,” they have a profound and often incredibly painful attachment to their own experience, judgment and reaction to their interaction with the dog soul.

This brings us to our other concept: The Purpose of Creation.

All of creation exists in perfection at the end of time. This is an eternal state of union between the Creator and the Created beings. The Creator made us a huge desire in order for It to fulfill those desires (a desire to experience all things from all perspectives.) The Creator made us all in perfection, and the way Time was created was that all the causes and effects that had to happen in order to get to that perfection unfolded all the way back to the very first cause, the Big Bang. This “bubble” of time actually only exists in our awareness of it (basically in theory) because in reality we are all in that eternal timeless perfection we were created in.

So, what is this world, and why is all this happening? Think of it this way: How would you entice a being who is ultimately powerful, perfect and fulfilled to have any interest in interacting with our petty little world at all? Well, the first thing you’d have to do is make them forget that they are powerful, perfect and fulfilled. Or else, there would be no risk, no desire, no reason to participate in the world at all (this is why Buddhists say if you want to stop playing “the game” of life (Samsara/Maya) and shortcut straight to enlightenment, lose your desires.)

So, the decision making process that led to Creation went something like this: We (the collective human soul) and the Creator decided that to truly be infinite we must experience all experiences from all perspectives, not just the One true perspective of Oneness, Omnipotence and Power. This meant we’d have to basically “dream” them all, in a way that we’d believe the “dream” of reality. And that is what we are all here doing.

The “dream” is the illusion of “un-oneness,” meaning that we “fell” into a forgetful state where we believe in the false illusion that we are not all one, that opposites exist, that we are all separate beings, that the Creator is not one with us, and that there are these things called “time” and “space” that separate us from each other. This extremely simple premise of “separation” is the lie that makes all experiences possible, including fear, powerlessness, loneliness and all unpleasant things that seem to exist. The reason to go through all this is to develop an appreciation of oneness, safety, love, fulfillment and perfection. You simply cannot enjoy a thing if you have no concept that there could possibly be a lack of it. . . then it feels like nothing. There’s no feeling. If you’re a fish in water your whole life you’ll never imagine a desire or appreciation for water. Even if it is truly the most precious thing in the world to you, you cannot value it, or feel the pleasure of having it.

This is the single truth in the perfection of our existence that makes all this “dream” world necessary. Perfection is static and completely inert without the intelligent experienced appreciation of its beauty and grace. To fully appreciate this we must imagine and perceive every possible opposite of it. We each have the possibility to “wake up” at any point in any incarnation and return to that awareness of perfection, but we don’t do it because we have all collectively consented to cooperate in this grand endeavor to explore every opposite of perfection and love so that we will have the depth and desire to fully appreciate it and have actual (informed) awareness of its nature.

The great challenge that we (the aware) have is to walk the “middle line” using meditation and faith. This elevates us to a level that that we can feel happiness and many good sensations and experiences that are a little bit closer to truth, to each other and to the Creator than pure illusion and ignorance, but not so close to enlightenment that we exit this incarnation before we’ve extracted all the tremendous value of its experiences and perspectives.

So, these are the two main concepts that our discussions are going to jump off from, because when you ask “How could God let this happen?” it is a profound question which shows that you are in a certain type of incarnation which feels “Moshe,” a pull towards the Creator. This is an incarnation of free will where you will begin to have thoughts of understanding that when you are given a great desire (like when your dog died) that the point is to find a unique new fulfillment for this great depth of appreciation you are now capable of. . and the expectation of accomplishing this will attract the Creator to grant you fulfillment.

My comment on this reading is that I wouldn’t normally recommend giving these types of concepts as an answer to a client’s question. This is a very special type of placement. In this woman’s case she had Mercury in Pisces (debilitated) in the first house. When Mercury is in Pisces it is debilitated because it contemplates concepts which are vast, whole, and indivisible into data and compartmentalized facts. It puts the mentality into a condition of apprehending the divine truths and laws that govern reality, but it obscures the view of the smaller things. These people understand things that they can’t explain. They leap to brilliant conclusions, but have no idea how they got there. They struggle with common sense. They frustrate people by insisting on broad mystical truths, while being completely blind to the mundane world, the step by step, the common, the small, the protocol, the reasoning. To them, there is no reasoning… it JUST IS. This makes them the obvious scapegoat in conventional work environments. They fare much better in conceptual and theoretical fields. Einstein is a good example of this, knowing something and then having to spend a lot of time figuring out how to prove it, with a lot of smart people calling him an idiot in the mean time.

That’s why, in this case, the answer to “Why did my dog die?” is the answer to life, the universe and everything… Because in this chart, that is actually what she’s asking. No one else cares to hear about all of this, and I actually advised her not to talk to others about it, which is something I’m certain she has plenty of negative experience with already.

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