Transit chart 082117

Total Eclipse August 21st, 2017 overlaid on the chart of the USA.
Inner track is the radix chart of the US. Outer track contains gochara placements during the eclipse as viewed from central timezone.

It’s right at the threshold of the US’s Nodal Return

I”m going to poke around in here and make random notes…..

Rahu itself is on the Gandanta point between Cancer and Leo. It’s in Magha, the sign of “the king,” or president. It’s on the dwaadamsha slice of the fathering the 9th house of the US. All the players of in the total eclipse are in Magha. I’d expect this to reveal things pertaining to ancestors, the forefathers, inheritances, politics, celebrities, and it could literally involve fire in some way. It’s a type of fire that goes through the Earth’s atmosphere… I hope that doesn’t indicate nuclear weapons or other types of massive fire power.

Mercury is on the dwaadamsha slice of educational institutions. That’s an appropriate place for juveniles in the current state of events. Hopefully this reveals something helpful for them.

Venus (the signification of women) is in an interesting spot. It’s entering Cancer, the sign of patriotism, country, housing, protection, school and tradition. The nakshatra is Punarvasu which normally indicates returning to a place of glory, or returning safely from a dangerous journey. It indicates the end of a period of trauma. But it’s on the dwaadamsha slice of “A warrior’s death.”

Ketu is leaving Aquarius, in Shravana, on the slice of “Sensual Pleasures.” I’d expect this is a breaking up of our reputation among our network of international contacts.

Saturn is retrograding through Jyeshtha on the slice of selfless deeds…. I’m not sure how to read this. I’d say it pertains to secrets…. especially political secrets or emergencies or covert operations… but I don’t know if it is suppressing privacy by revealing secrets or if it’s suppressing secrets and preserving privacy. based on the other parts of the transits, and the fact that it’s an eclipse I would guess that it will reveal a strange secret.. Or it is getting ready to reveal a secret when it goes direct again across the Gandanta point between Scorpio and Sagittarius. The secret will be a strange twist which exposes a hidden weakness.

Jupiter is in Virgo moving through Chitra. Virgo multiplies problem when it’s in Virgo. In Chitra I think it will multiply possible solutions. I think in the Virgo padas of Chitra they won’t quite be workable yet. But I think when it crosses into the Libra ones there will be really good solutions that arise and completely redesign the conditions of the issues. This hits on all the government issues right now. It covers domesticated animals, grains, women, poor and disadvantaged people, human trafficking and military strategy

I’m going to go through some aspects now…

Fire through atmosphere… Could that be space travel (i.e., rocket boosters)? Also, would England be one of America’s ancestors?

I’d think that the UK probably is the US’s father… and probably part of the Sun and the ninth house matters….. And this is happening in the 9th house
The Patriarchy
Space travel, yes. Especially with Ketu in Aquarius I’d think… Full oppositional aspect of the eclipse moon on the natal moon in Shatabhishakh… That could mean things about technology, electricity, sustainability, advocacy, space travel, science and concepts…
Stuff is happening over there in Shatabhishakh and Dhanishtha (conditions of science, collective ambition, medicine and self sacrifice) opposite the stuff going on with the eclipse in patriarchal conditions of Leo and Cancer

It looks like scientific and conceptual fields are going to be busting out some pretty charismatic stuff. With Dhanishta involved I’d guess celebrities are on that side instead of conventional Hollywood style celebrity. It’s kind of a revelation that glitter does not mean gold. Revelation of weakness in the conditions of conventional celebrity and more attractive roles of brilliance operating in the network of the collective.

Could fire through the atmosphere also be solar flares or would that directly involve Sūrya?

There are multiple aspects on Poison in the 6th house. Jupiter, Saturn and Mars…. It’s in Mrigashira. I hope that’s not a literal plague on deer. That would make sense because of predictions of huge surge of tick borne disease this summer due to warming. Also since Saturn is in Scorpio it could be a difficult collective karma regarding insects and disease

It looks like a military problem to me…
All this BS is going down in Leo.. that’s bad for the Sun.
Aspects of the sun fall on Troubles, Servants, Foreign Service/Residence, Prosperous from Evil, Ancestral property… I’m not sure
Maybe… we do have Ketu over there in Shatabhishakh on the natal moon. That’s weird electrical problems or radiation. Karmic things that affect the masses… specifically electrical I’d think. That could be EMP issues.

I was about to mention tick born diseases…

yeah… Scorpio is not too happy hosting Saturn again there
Saturn and aspects of Jupiter and Mars in Jyeshtha. It’s probably some karmic troubles for older people too. It looks to me like the older generations who set up all this mess with Capitalist policy and apathy for the concerns of the masses are probably going to suffer for it.
They will be at the mercy of the people they looked down upon and afflicted.. because those will be the decision makers there via participation in charity.
It’s interesting that there’s a full aspect of Rahu on Mula. The dwaadamsha slice is the color of the complexion.. And it’s in the ascendant. That’s a fascinating preoccupation with the racial color of our own collective identity
Let’s see what else Rahu is looking at. …
A little bit on perception of past security as a nation
Quite a bit on Ashvin Twins related tools and interests. I wonder if that could manifest literally in some ways regarding actual horses or horse sports.
Horse racing? idk. When is the Kentucky Derby
nope. that’s way over. Must be innovations in medicine.

There are aspects of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn on Livestock… But I think it’s good because the nakshatra lined up there is Revati. I wonder if all this controversy about animal rights being gutted by the administration is going to cause a complete swing in the opposite direction where farm animals actually gain more rights after all.

Since all this is happening in the 9th house it looks like hella drama for conventional religion and patriarchal hierarchies..
We could use some more revelations of weakness there
Jupiter is transiting natal Saturn on Gestational Capacity in Virgo. I hope that means that previous restrictions on birth control will be lifted and it will become over the counter… and not that restrictions on that will become even more politicized

Remember what Keller said about the head transplant that’s planned (re: Aśvinī). Also, what was it that Rahu’s aspect on the previous hose was supposed to represent? Did it above something to do with past or future karma?

oh yeah

I’m glad you’re “jotting” all of this down. 🙂

that’s definitely the Head and Medicine
and Rahu
I hope that includes replacing the figure head of our country.

Haha! Wait, isn’t Rāhu already the head?



What does it mean, John? 😉

So weird when people call me by my name. 🙂
Maybe Rāhu is getting a new body. I wonder how Ketu would feel about that.

Full aspect of Mars on “Influence on Government in Vishakha.. Branching, lightning, power… I hope that is a freaking hurricane right up their asses that takes away any doubt that humans have changed the climate.

If Rāhu gets a body the world would be a much different place.
Whatever it takes.
I’ll be praying to Mother Nature.
I wonder what Earth’s primary Śakti is called.

Lunar aspect on spending for alliances and deals… oaths, friendships. Mercury aspect on Legal Judgments. I hope that means coalitions, lawyers, young people, mothers and such levering the tools of Anuradha to force lasting agreements and to “Un-Destroy” things.
it seems like it’s a big avatar of Vishnu