How to Train Your Gremlins: A Primer on the Ayurvedic Diet

Article and graphics by Logynn Hailley originally published in the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I’ve come to think of my Ayurveda “doshas” as gremlins.

The doshas are the three energies present in all things that work together to fuel your body and maintain your health as long as you “feed” them correctly, with the right lifestyle activities and foods. If you don’t feed them right, they get “aggravated” and turn into health-sabotaging gremlins. So, here are the “CliffsNotes” on how to feed these little buggers so they stay balanced, without swinging wildly into dominating each other or becoming deficient, and how to tell if “you’re doin’ it wrong.”

There are three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.
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Logynn Hailley and Chelsea Kent

Santosh is an excellent practitioner of “energy healing.” Without one such energy healing this site could never have been built. We are proud to include him in our team, as reputable and effective practitioners of services like his are notoriously difficult to find, even in India. We have been blessed to partake of many astoundingly accurate and helpful divinitory and healing services by Santosh.


Chelsea is the owner of Hero’s Pets in Littleton, Colorado and the creator of Elemental Provisions.

With 13 years of extensive nutritional research and experience in the supplement and nutrition industries for pets and people, Chelsea has developed a diverse, comprehensive education and perspective in holistic nutrition and product integrity by working closely with the owners of 100’s of holistic pet companies and complimentary medicine practitioners such as Nutritional Biochemist Franco Cavaleri, Nutritionist Greg Tilford, Jordan Rubin, Microbiologist Jacqueline Hill and Food Scientist Roxanne Stone, and many more.

The pet supply industry has given Chelsea the unique opportunity to collaborate over extended periods of time with clients and their pets in putting the efficacy of a variety of treatments to the test in ways that would take decades if done in the health care system.

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